Award-winning writer Abigail R. Esman worked with Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the project "Submission," a film about the abuse of Muslim women which resulted in the brutal murder of its producer, Theo van Gogh, by an Islamic militant group in the Netherlands - and a note promising that Hirsi Ali would be next.  An expert on the rise of Islamic jihad in the West and on domestic violence (she is herself a survivor), Esman argues that terrorism begins in the home: to defend ourselves, we in the West must force a change within the Muslim family culture. From suicide bombings to ritual beheadings and airplanes made into missiles, the toxic combination of religious orthodoxy and family violence has made victims of men, women and children as much in Muslim homes as in our own.

- Why Women Stay
- Cautionary signs you need to know
- Domestic violence and Muslim culture in the West
- "No one told me": lessons from young girls

- Democracy vs Islam in Europe
- The sufferings of Muslim women in the West
- How and why radical Islam has taken hold in the West and what it means for America
- Changing the message
- Expanding the Enlightenment
- American security and the teachings of the Qu'ran

- Domestic violence and Muslim culture in the West
- Honor killings in Europe - thousands every year who die in secret
- The relationship between domestic violence and terrorism:
how child abuse breeds terrorism, and what can be done to stop it
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