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Radical State: How Jihad is Winning Over Democracy in the West

"Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West should be
on the nightstand of anyone seeking to onderstand the world around them
and how quickly it is changing".
--- Forbes

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Designing your Own Home

Dennis Gun: Upgrade

Routes. A major exhibition of contemporary Middle Eastern & Arab Art


Living Alone... And Loving It

The illicit pleasures of living alone
(Tango Magazine)

Yearning To Breathe Free

Iraqi refugees struggle to find the freedom that we promised.
(World Defense Review)

A Foreign Bond That Unites Us
An essay about friendship between a Jewish American woman and a Turkish Muslim family
(Christian Science Monitor)

Denial And Disbelief

A reflection on the parallels between domestic violence and terrorism
Silver medal winner, 2002 Shell-Economist Essay Competition
(For security reasons, available only on request)

Inventing Life Stories
A New York subway encounter, still remembered decades later
(Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)


Protecting Afghan Women Is A National Security Issue
(Investigative Project)

Terrorists, Victims, Or Both? The Children of ISIS Return
(Investigative Project)

Radical Islam Tells A Story. We Must Tell A Better One
(Washington Post)

A Movement Without A Leader: Turkey’s Upheaval in Taksim Square
(World Policy Review)

Europe: "Je Suis Charlie"? Maybe. "Je Suis Juif"? Not Really.
(Gatestone Institute)

Honor Violence In America
(Gatestone Institute)

The Next Syrian Refugee Crisis: Child Brides
(Investigative Project On Terrorism)

Zahra Bahrami and Iran's Voices for Freedom
A Wall Street Journal op-ed points to the horrors of Iran's treatment
of Dutch-Iranian Zahra Bahrami, who was secretly executed in 2011.
(The Wall Street Journal)

Holland Turns Right
The Netherlands is no longer a paragon of all things liberal
(The New Republic)

Unveiling a New Identity (Subscribers only)
How one woman is working to support emancipation among Europe's Muslim women
(Foreign Policy)

Hirsi Ali Leaves Hiding to Spotlight Honor Killings
(Women's e-News)

The Arabian Panther
An investigative report on the rise of the Arab European League, a Muslim political group in Europe, and its leader
(Originally published on Salon.com)

World Defense Review
Monthly column discussing issues relating to the human side of national defense and the "war against terror"

Is the rejection of radical Islam "anti-Muslim?"

Biweekly articles for the Investigative Project On Terrorism are indexed here

Weekly column at Forbes.com


Cultural Affairs; A regular blog for Artinfo.com

Cultural Affairs II: Blog moved to Medium.com

How Van Gogh’s Love Affair With Japan Changed Art History

Students Allege An Unsafe Environment As Free Speech Debate Roils Art School

Private Art Collections Are Among Istanbul’s Best Kept Secrets

The World’s Most Expensive Art Goes to Auction: Why Records Keep Being Broken

Istanbul Goes International
Turkish contemporary art takes its place on the worldwide stage
(Art & Antiques)

As Istanbul’s #OccupyGezi Protests Continue, (Performance) Artists Make A Global Impact
Turkish performance artists respond to the political upheavals of the summer of 2013 with art that makes a (peaceful) difference,
and what one Turkish critic called the use of "disproportionate intellect."

Leaps of Faith
A survey of -- and inspiring look at -- contemporary Islamic art
(Art & Auction)

Focusing On Iran
Iranian photography is gaining critical acclaim and popularity among collectors
(Art & Auction)

Rembrandt's Year
Holland celebrates Rembrandt's 400th birthday
(The Nation)

Handle With Care
Eva Hesse's art and life were fragile. But her myth endures.
(originally published in Art & Auction)

Museum Muddle in Rotterdam


Artful Shopping
Museum Store Finds
(Town & Country)

Letter from the Lowlands
A roundup of art news from Belgium and the Netherlands


Rare Emeralds Found In 400-Year-Old Shipwreck To Fetch Millions

Wybe van der Gang Couldn’t Find The Watch He Wanted. So He Built It
(New York Times)

Meet Axel Vervoordt:Interior Designer & Art Exhibitor Extraordinaire

Variety of Influence: Six Contemporary Designers and Their Creative Inspirations
Editors' pick of six hot young designers, their latest works, and the classic talents who inspired them
(Art & Auction)

The Soft Call of Coral
(New York Times)

Louisa Guinness, A Life In Art Jewelry
(New York Times) 

Shopping In Paris, With Panache
(New York Times) 

22 Rooms to Renovate, And 700 Years of History To Protect
(New York Times) 

A Little-Used Villa Has Been A Home Beside The Sea
(New York Times) 

Salvaged Brick and Design Tricks Make New Dutch Mansion Look Old
A stunning home in the suburbs of The Hague is enriched by art, antiques,
and architectural surprises.
(New York Times feature)

Inviting Invitations
A sharply-designed apartment in Belgium - cover story

A Style Guide for Vintage Bathrooms

Vintage baths, from Deco to the '60s

Think Outside the Triangle

Beyond the triangle kitchen plan

Inviting Intonations
A Belgian interior built of an intriguing mix of classic and contemporary design

Elegance, Enchanted

The fairy-tale home of Connecticut designer Michael Tapp

Media Appearances

Radical Islam in Europe
OMNY Radio Melbourne
(segment begins at 1:10)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Security

The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC/NPR

Losing to Islamism
Interview with Front Page magazine

The Joan Hamburg Show

The Bounds of Tolerance
The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC/NPR

"When It Comes To DIA Rumors, Here's What's Really True"
NPR All Things Considered

BBC Radio

BBC Television

RTL4 (Dutch national television)

Radio Nederland (a BBC affiliate)

"The Last Ear" (hosted by the late Theo van Gogh), Radio Veronica (Dutch national radio)


CNN Radio


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